Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker - White

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker - White

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Contains - 1 Sodamaker, 1 CO2 Cylinder, 1 PET Bottle Customer Advice –  Refill Cylinders are available only in States, Cities and Towns listed below. For easy access to refills and...

Contains - 1 Sodamaker, 1 CO2 Cylinder, 1 PET Bottle 

Customer Advice –  Refill Cylinders are available only in States, Cities and Towns listed below. For easy access to refills and service, only Customers from these locations are advised to purchase the Sodamaker. We are working on spreading our reach and we sincerely hope it will be available Country-wide at the earliest. 

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker

  • Make fresh, fizzy soda or soft drinks at home within seconds
  • Make your own fizzy soft drinks at home. Choose from a range of Mr. Butler flavours or other mixes such as Tang or Rasna or even make your own home made fresh lime, cool mint, fizzy fresh fruit drinks, Narial pani soda etc
  • No more having to store soda at home or do a last minute run to the store. Soda at your finger tips when you need it only
  • Requires no electricity, no battery and even the kids can use it
  • One pack includes the Sodamaker unit, one CO2 cylinder that can make  approximately 125 glasses of soda or around 25 Litres of soda and one  500ml BPA-Free PET bottle
  • Once the CO2 cylinder is empty, it can be exchanged for a full cylinder by paying only a nominal amount for the gas
  • CO2 Refill cylinders can be ordered online (Customer to bear delivery charges) or can be exchanged at your nearest stockist at the following locations ONLY
    • Delhi NCR
    • Gujarat
    • West Mumbai 
    • Andhra Pradesh (Vizag, Vijayawada, Rajamundry) 
    • Telangana - Hyderabad
    • Karnataka (Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore)
    • Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode)
    • All Kerala
    • All Goa​​


Special Shipping Information – This product may not be available for overnight or expedited shipping due to regulations that require it to be shipped via surface transport only.

Convenience - No more carrying heavy bottles from the store. It is simple to use and requires no batteries or electricity. Space Saver - No need to store bottles / cartons of soda and soft drinks at home Eco Friendly - An "Active Green" product. Each time you use it, you save the environment from disposed plastic waste and pollution from transportation of packaged beverages. Hygiene, Health & Wellness - Be assured of the purity and safety of your soda or sparkling beverage since you fill your own water. Add a hint of fizz to your dull water or mix with fresh lemonade or other fresh fruits; a great substitute to your sugar loaded soft drink! Personalization - Make your drinks according to your own preference. Choose the strength of your fizz (from a light sparkle to a strong fizz). In addition to the Mr Butler soft drink flavours, there are a variety of flavours available from other brands too that is made more exciting with soda. Value for Money - Make 1 Liter of Soda for just Rs.4 as compared to Rs.20 you would pay for 1L soda bought from stores.

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